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The BIRD FREE Boat Lift Solution!

Gulls Away is now offering our new Custom Rod System
that accommodates ski boat lifts with longer canopies!


Gulls Away is a Northern Minnesota company that has developed and manufactured a bird deterrent system to keep birds away from boat lifts.

Our hardware rod system has been designed to be economical, aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, and will last for years! Gulls Away is a total bird control system.

Rods mount to lift frame and transparent fishing line is used in a diagonal pattern to deter birds. Nothing touches your canopy.


 No more stench! 
No more hard to remove stains!
No more problems with seagulls on boat lifts!

                         NO MORE SEAGULLS!     


For hardware rod mounting recommended configurations and further product information please refer to our Product section. For ordering information and recommended number of rods per lift please refer to our Ordering section. To locate a dealer, or for dealer information please refer to our Dealers section. For warranty and return information please refer to our Warranty section. For further information, questions or comments please use our  Contact form or call us at 612-865-3113, or email us at

Patent No.: US 8,104,235 B2